A start-up church in Wilson County, TN


Reliance Church-Tennessee is a growing church plant. Scott and Autumn Losee, and their three kids, Emma, Aidan and Liam, moved to Middle Tennessee in June 2019. The Losee family helped to plant Reliance Church in Temecula, California, which started in 2007.  Scott started as a deacon and became a pastor in 2013, serving as the executive pastor, and also was on the church board, as treasurer.  Autumn served on the women’s board for several years, taught in the women’s ministry and children’s ministry, but eventually settled in as a leader in the youth ministry, where her passion lies with the Junior High and High School age students. Emma, Aidan and Liam also served within the church from a very young age in Children’s ministry, multi-media and wherever there was a need. The Losee’s enjoyed the 12 years they served at Reliance in California, but God was impressing on their hearts a love for the people in Tennessee, and a need that they observed in times spent there. 

Although initially from Long Island, New York, Scott grew up in Southern California from the age of 12, but spent most summers in Middle Tennessee with his dad’s side of the family. He has always had a heart for Tennessee. Autumn, a Southern California native, had come to Tennessee with Scott several times to visit family and vacation. She too, grew to love Tennessee and the communities. It was mentioned between the two of them often, that they could someday end up in Tennessee. Little did they know that, “someday” would come sooner than later. While vacationing with some friends in Tennessee during the summer of 2018, God impressed upon each person in the Losee family, that the time was right to start praying about God’s will in the possibility of moving to Tennessee. Scott and Autumn felt crazy telling anyone that they were praying about moving to do ministry, I mean, there is a church on every corner! Yes, absolutely, there are some great churches in Middle Tennessee, but after visiting many churches, they found that many were dying and not growing, and a lot of the ones that were full of people gave a very watered-down, “feel good” message. A lot of people didn’t even bring their Bibles to church. Scott and Autumn have a passion for teaching the Word of God from cover to cover. The whole counsel of God’s Word should be taught book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse, and lived out in everyday lives with one another. Reliance Church-Tennessee is committed to discipleship and serving within the community in practical ways. 

God gave the confirmation needed, and the Losee Family sold everything they could, loaded up their Rv and headed to Tennessee.  They did not come with a team, just hearts to serve and willingness to be used by God in whatever capacity He sees fit. 

May the people God puts in our path, be the best fed and loved.  God has brought us an amazing group and our prayer is that “our story” will become “your story” as we grow to know, love and serve Jesus together. 

Are you interested in serving with us in ministry?  Join us!

"We pray you will join us in serving the people of Wilson County!